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Chatting with Charlie

Start at the beginning with Charlie Walbridge in this NRS Duct Tape Diaries. Find out how Charlie got his start in whitewater along with some of the ups and downs. Chatting with Charlie    

An Interview with Legendary Whitewater Safety Leader Charlie Walbridge

Interview with Charlie Walbridge The paddling experience of Charlie Walbridge spans more than five decades, and over that time he has been one of whitewater sport’s greatest innovators in safety and rescue technique. Charlie is an inductee in to both the International Whitewater Hall of Fame and the Southern Appalachian Paddlesports Hall of Fame. In […]

Interview with Charlie Walbridge

   Interview with Charlie Walbridge This is a fantastic interview with Charlie Walbridge by Chris Preperato, which shares insight into Charlie’s introduction to the sport of whitewater boating. You can learn more about Charlie, like how Charlie’s Choice Rapid was named by visiting the History of the Upper Yough.

A Rescue Arrested – How It Happened and What We Can Learn

A Rescue Arrested – How It Happened and What We Can Learn Although outfitters know how to deal with anything from a routine swims to a life-threatening pins, few are prepared to work with Emergency Responders. When police, fire, and rescue personnel arrive, the dynamics of a situation change. Search and rescue (SAR) professionals are […]

Racing Through the 70’s

During the late 60’s and early 70’s whitewater kayaks were hard to find and kayak schools didn’t exist. You learned to boat from the guys at the local paddling club if you were lucky, or by trial and error if you weren’t. If you were serious about running hard whitewater, you raced. My buddies and […]